The Selling Process

  • The Seller (You) contacts the Organisers (Us) to let us know you have items you would like to sell.  Our contact details can be found at the bottom of the page; 

  • We will issue you with your unique Seller Number.  You MUST put this on all your price tags or we will not be able to identify you as the seller of the item and pay you what you are owed if it sells;

  • You must purchase (and collect) Edit price tags from us in advance and complete them in the required format, using the instructions provided.  One price tag per item;

  • Item pricing guidelines are provided in order to promote consistency of pricing across the Sale.  Whilst using the guidelines is encouraged, you decide your own price for your items;

  • IMPORTANT:  Priced items must be delivered in advance to the Sale venue (Westerham Hall) by the Seller on Friday 17 May 2019 from 11am until 9pm.  Please make a note of this.  

  • Priced items must be delivered with a completed Item List (we will supply a blank form when you collect your tags).  This is to ensure that we agree with you what items have been accepted for the Sale and can more easily identify sold and unsold items after the Sale;

  • Your items must be delivered ready to be included in the Sale.  This means:


All items of clothing must be clean and pressed;

Items to be displayed on a hanger must be delivered on a hanger (especially if we have provided you with ours);

Bags MUST be stuffed with tissue or newspaper;

  • Unsuitable items:  Once delivered to us, we will check your items to ensure they are suitable for the Sale.  Any items that we consider unsuitable will be put to one side to return to you with unsold items and you will be refunded the cost of their price tag.  You will only pay for items that we accept for inclusion in the Sale;

  • The purchase price of the price tags is the only commission/cost you pay for selling items in the Sale;

  • At the Sale, we will merchandise all items to encourage sales.  We will do our best to be consistent and fair in presenting all the items;

  • Sellers must collect their unsold items (from Westerham Hall) after the Sale at the following times (please make a note so you remember!):

Saturday 18th May:  4.45pm until 7pm

Sunday 19th May:    9.00am until 1pm.

  • Payment for sold items will be made to Sellers as quickly as possible after the Sale and will be in cash. Money due to you for sold items will NOT be available when your unsold items are collected immediately after the Sale.  We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for you to come back on another day to collect your cash;


  • Aside for unsuitable items, there will be no refunds on price tag purchases.


Please also refer to the small print which can be found here.  This also forms part of the terms and conditions of taking part in the Sale and so you must understand and agree to them.