Becoming a Seller

Having done Edit Sales for a number of years, we already have a band of regular Sellers but we are always delighted to welcome new ones.  Below is key information about the nature of clothes and accessories that we will accept.  It is important to read this page if you are thinking of selling your items at the Sale.

If you would like to go ahead, please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.  


It is important that you are aware of and agree to the terms and conditions for selling your items that includes the process, pricing guidelines, small print and other information you will need to sell your items with us.  These can be found by using the buttons below.

Please note that, due to the popularity of the Sales, we sometimes have to say no to more Sellers.   We are sorry if that happens. Please join us next time.

What items are acceptable?

We want our Sales to look good, be well merchandised and be full of lovely clothes and accessories that people want to try on, buy and take home!  That way we all benefit.


To maintain a high standard, items (clothing and accessories) you want to sell must:



  • Probably never worn or only worn once or twice;

  • Have no signs of wear, not be faded, not have a button missing etc etc;

  • Be pristinely clean;

  • Be for women;

  • Be a good quality high street brand or (genuine) designer brand item;

  • Be well-presented (eg clothing pressed and on a hanger, handbags stuffed with paper etc).

In view of the above, we are extremely strict on the condition of footwear that we will accept for the Sale.  Please only include boots, shoes and sandals that have pretty much no sign of wear or have never been worn at all!

What won't we accept?

Please avoid submitting low-cost and ordinary items (for example from stores such as Primark, H&M and supermarkets).  They are not suitable to sell at our Sale and we will not accept them.  However, we all have standout items from some of these stores and we are more than happy to consider them on an individual basis.


We have done a number of these Sales now and so we have a good idea or what will and won’t sell.  As such and to save you disappointment, we are unable to accept the following items:


  • Evening dresses;

  • ‘Mother of the bride” type outfits with matching hat, bag and shoes;

  • Non “mainstream”/very unusual boots and shoes;

  • Shoes with any signs of prolonged wear inside or out.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to ensure that only a high standard of goods that fall within the spirit of the event are included, we reserve the right to reject items of clothing/accessories put forward for sale by Sellers.  Our decision is final and so please don’t argue or be offended if we turn your items down.

How many items?

In order to ensure the Sale provides a range of styles and sizes for our Buyers, we ask that no Seller includes more than 60 individual items of in each Sale, unless by prior agreement with the Organiser.