The idea for our Edit Sales came from realising that most women have items of clothing and accessories in their wardrobes that no longer suit or fit them. Often these items are too expensive to be simply given away and are only likely to fetch a very small sum when competing with huge amounts of clothing on well-known on-line auction sites.

We decided to provide a place to sell these items at a price that provides the Seller with some reasonable money back and also offers an opportunity for Buyers to bag a bargain! 

Entry fee

We charge everyone £2 entry fee to the event, although children under 12 are free.  

How does the Sale work

The Edit Sale is beautifully set out and looks like a warehouse sale.  All of the clothes and accessories are grouped together by item and so it is easy to find the type of clothing you are looking for, although you will need to look through every item to find your size.

Each item has a brown label attached to it showing the size and the price to be paid.  The price has been set by the Seller of the item and there is no negotiation on the price and so please don't ask.


We have mirrors around the Hall and a separate changing room where you can try items on before you buy.

If you do try items on, please remember that they belong to the Seller until you buy them.  You wouldn't want people to mis-treat your possessions and so please put unwanted items back on the hanger and replace them on the rail or hand them to one of the Team.

Purchasing items

Any items that you wish to purchase should be taken to the Cash Desk.  Each item must have the brown label attached to it for it to be purchased and so please take care that they don't become detached when trying items on or carrying them around.



Refreshments are available at the event.  Tea, coffee, soft drinks, home make savoury lovelies, cakes and biscuits are usually available.  An extra charge is made for these.

Supporting the Hospice in the Weald

Every time we run these Edit Sale events we make a donation to the Hospice in the Weald from any profits that we make.  This had amounted to several thousand pounds over the years and we are delighted to continue to support them.